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Frequently asked questions


How strong is a Daisybox cardboard casket?

Daisybox caskets are manufactured from premium grade corrugated fibreboard which is three-layers thick on the sides and two layers thick on the base. The design has been independently tested in a NATA Accredited lab to carry minimum 240kg /528Lb of weight. In over 11,000 caskets sales, we've never had a structural failure of our caskets.

Can I buy a Daisybox from any funeral arranger?

Daisybox is shipped flat-packed in bulk pallets to participating funeral arrangers. Not all funeral arrangers are happy selling low-cost cardboard caskets, but thankfully, hundreds are when they understand the meaning it can deliver to families. If you want to decorate a Daisybox prior to a funeral service for a loved one, it's best to talk to your local preferred funeral arranger or request a quote from a local participating arranger via our website.

What is a "Direct Cremation?"

A direct cremation is a disposition where the body is cremated soon after the death and there is no prior funeral service with family or friends present. Direct cremations are the lowest cost funeral option. Families and friends often arrange a memorial service following the direct cremation, to pay tribute to the deceased. A memorial service can take place from one week and up to a year after a burial or cremation. It may be held at a home, in a park or in a church or chapel.

Can a Daisybox be part of a burial service?

Absolutely. Being made from corrugated fibreboard, a Daisybox will biodegrade in an environmentally-responsible way, unlike resin-filled MDF and chipboard, which leach formaldehyde into the soil. Eco-conscious funeral arrangers will also include a natural calico Daisybox liner and pillow, to ensure no synthetic fabrics are buried.