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Image by Romain Paget

Our History

When it comes to funerals, families are increasingly choosing to celebrate the life of a departed loved one, rather than mourn their loss.
Daisybox®, an Australian start-up, has answered this market call with their range of cardboard and wicker coffins and caskets.

Daisybox was founded in mid-2017 as a division of privately-owned Allkraft Pty Ltd, an Australian company. 


In 2023, Daisybox caskets sell through participating funeral arrangers in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and South Africa, with expansion plans to enter the USA and European markets in place.

In 2017 Daisybox released "Bioboard®" casket, a patent-protected, flat-packed cardboard casket that is transported flat-packed, in bulk on pallets and assembled in <1 minute, with no tools. Bulk transporting saves up to 900% transport emissions in an industry which typically ships heavy timber and metal caskets filled with air.

In August 2020, the Daisybox ‘Classic’ was released, a direct inkjet-printed casket in a white-coloured cardboard finish. today, this model exhibits natural hessian rope handles and is available through participating funeral arrangers.

In mid 2022, Daisybox incoporated as a Delaware Corporation in the USA. Daisybox Inc. was formed.

In November 2022, Daisybox exhibited at the Australian Funeral Expo on the Gold Coast, Australia. The followng month, Daisybox announced the release of a curated range of hand-woven wicker caskets, contract made in Java. The design brief for this range extension was to exclude any engineered wood, paint lacquers and PVC films and to use natural rattan cane, coconut husk (also called coir fibre) and dried and woven pandanus leaves, whereever possible. Each casket is lined with natural calico liner.

In January 2023, Daisybox commenced the build of its resources pages, to help people pre-planning a funeral, know where to go to find caring arrangers and all the services they need to ensure a life is properly celebrated. The repositoryry of helpful articles is due for publishing mid-Feb 2023.

Daisybox has also begun appointing brand ambassadors, to reach out to the community to let them know they don't have to follow traditional practices of using ornate coffins that were never designed to be cremated and are not suitable for biodegradable burial practices.

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