Image by Romain Paget

The Daisybox® Story

When it comes to funerals, families are increasingly choosing to celebrate the life of a departed loved one, rather than mourn their loss.
Daisybox®, an Australian start-up, has answered this market call.

Daisybox was founded by visual graphics industry and fibreboard technology veteran, Greg Nicholls who patented his casket design with two co-inventors in mid-2017.  Daisybox caskets sell through participating funeral providers in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and South Africa, with expansion plans underway for North America and Western Europe. 

Daisybox is without doubt the best-value proposition for people living longer and risking depletion of their life-savings. The phrase, ‘when I die, don’t waste money... just send me off in a cardboard box!’ is a common thread. 

Daisybox is a highly-engineered fibreboard enclosure that offer significant cost-savings compared to traditional caskets. It's incredibly strong. Entry-level Daisybox ‘Basic’ caskets are engineered and proven to carry in excess of 240kg. 

In August 2020, the Daisybox ‘Classic’ was released to market, a high-speed direct inkjet-printed casket in a white-coloured fibreboard finish. It has natural cotton rope handles and a compulsory fluid-liner in the base, with a minimum carrying strength of 240kg. Daisybox ‘Classic’ caskets are offered in a limited graphic range and produced in bulk.

In April 2021, the company will launch Daisybox ‘Signature Series’ caskets. These are bespoke digitally-printed or hand-decorated caskets with artwork provided by a family, artist or photographer that can capture the life story of a departed one through memorable imagery. The design incorporates a separate casket lid, which the family can take away and decorate like a giant postcard, or ask for the funeral arranger to have it digitally-printed for them, with images supplied by the family.

By choosing Daisybox, families are also selecting an economical, eco-friendly and very personal send-off for their loved one. While there are already several print-customized caskets on the market, they’re commonly produced from toxic MDF, a material that was never designed for burial or cremation. MDF coffins are most-commonly wrapped in a self-adhesive plastic graphic film that’s bad news for the environment when it comes to both burials and cremations. Google "burning PVC" to learn more of the noxious gasses emitted.

Daisybox also incorporates zero-added formaldehyde in their proprietary fibreboard material, meaning cremated bone ashes are cleaner and not contaminated with residue from MDF or particleboard resins.

Daisybox is partnering with licensed and trained printers in every town and city on five continents to deliver Daisybox ‘Signature Series’ caskets to nearby participating funeral homes. Given that all Daisybox caskets are shipped flat-packed into any region, the distribution model offers substantial savings in transport and emission costs. This translates into both environmental and cost-savings through the supply chain.

So if you know of someone either going through the estate planning process or planning a funeral, help them save their hard-earned cash and the environment, while starting a conversation at a funeral service. Suggest they say their final goodbye in a Daisybox.


It’s certainly ‘The Way to Go’.