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The best value caskets that planet earth will thank you for.

Available from all environmentally-conscious and budget-driven funeral arrangers worldwide.

It’s time to say goodbye to the traditional funeral and embrace lives lost with a Daisybox® casket as a way to start conversations during sad times.

Incredibly strong yet lightweight, triple-walled Daisybox® cardboard caskets are perfect for surface decoration - whether that’s writing poems, arranging flowers, attaching photos, drawing with crayons or markers or painting glorious images in water-based poster paints.

Family and close friends can come together in a home, hall or chapel, prior to a funeral service, to decorate an empty Daisybox® and say goodbye in a beautiful and deeply meaningful way.  Lifelong memories are expressed and precious, personal memories are created.  Think of this decoration event as a pre-service wake. This isn't possible with an expensive, very heavy and clinical-looking wood or metal casket, that can't be placed on and off a table for decoration by one person.


With over 12,000 Daisybox caskets sold to date, you're in safe hands.


Natural Kraft or Decorated Kraft

Family and friends can say goodbye to a loved one in a Daisbox® in one of many ways:


  1. Hand-decorate prior to a cremation or burial

    Purchase a flat-packed Daisybox® and have it discretely delivered to your home, your local funeral home or nearby community hall. While it's strong enough to carry 200kg+, a Daisybox weighs <6kg, meaning it can be easily placed by one person on a dining room table or outside patio area for friends and family to decorate with dried flowers, photos, coloured markers, pens or water-color paints.  The final creative outcome is totally up to you. If you choose to decorate away from a funeral home, when you're finished decorating, have your local funeral arranger collect the casket or have it delivered to them.  When assembled, a Daisybox measures 200x 53x33cm, meaning most large cars where the back seats fold forward, will accomodate it.

    Download our eco-friendly decorative material selection guide for hand-decorating a Daisybox® here.


  2. No service cremation

    Some people prefer a direct cremation where there's no funeral service at all. Their departed loved one is collected from the home, hospice or hospital by body removalists and transported directly to a mortuary in preparation for a direct cremation with no family members present. For this requirement, a simple undecorated Daisybox® is supplied by the funeral arranger to the mortuary staff.
     Alternatively, for an additional fee, you can take delivery of a Daisybox® at home while your loved one is being prepared for cremation. hand-decorate it and have it transported pre-assembled to the mortuary, in time for the cremation. Additional service charges are likely to be incurred for this, however the benefit is the family can know their loved one was sent off wrapped in beautiful messages and artwork and not just an impersonal casket.

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Features & Benefits

  • Reliable triple layer fibreboard walls over 12mm thick

  • Easy to carry. Weighs only 6Kg

  • Strong - NATA rated to hold up to 240kg

  • ​Eco-Friendly - Biodegradable and resin-free natural kraft

  • Decorate with marker pens, crayons, pencils, flowers and more. 

  • Cotton or hessian rope handles

  • Calico cotton inner-liner and pillow (upgrade option)

  • Trusted by hundreds of funeral arrangers and crematorium owners on four continents.

Calico Liner & Pillow

A natural calico cotton liner and pillow is recommended for families who wish to have a final viewing of their loved one before the burial or cremation process commences.

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