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Daisybox Engineered Cardboard Caskets

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Family and friends can say a final goodbye to their person in a Daisybox® cardboard casket, decorated in one of three ways:

  1. Plain (no surface decorations or graphics)

  2. DIY decorated surface (pens, crayons, markers)

  3. Photographic print-wrapped surface(s)

"When I'm gone, just put me in a cardboard coffin or casket!" 

Some families choose to have a simple, direction cremation with no funeral service and no family present, with the most basic casket or coffin accepted by crematoriums and burial grounds. Their loved one is taken direct from the hospice, hospital or home, to a mortuary, where the body is prepared for cremation or burial and placed in a casket for transport to the crematorium or burual grounds.

Many find that a "basic" coffin or casket is offered as a ~ AU$1,200 MDF or chipboard-based model, when an economical and greener alternative is a AU$400 plain Daisybox cardboard casket.  

Why is it important to express grief through a gathering of friends and family at a funeral service?

Expressing grief allows people to find a sense of peace in eventually acknowledging the death of a loved one and moving on with their life. The process of dealing with grief varies for everyone. It's affected by many factors like age, belief, personality, family, and peers.

Hand-decorate a Daisybox prior to a cremation or eco-burial

For friends and families that want to surface-decorate a Daisybox, prior to it being viewed by attendees at an indoor or outdoor funeral service, a brown or white-coloured Daisybox cardboard casket is often ideal.


Purchase a Daisybox® cardboard casket from a participating funeral arranger and have it delivered flat-packed to your home or nearby community hall in the week(s) leading up to a service. Some funeral arrangers will allow you to write final messages, poems and decorations in a room at their facilities, prior to the person being placed inside the casket.

While it's strong enough to carry 240kg / 500Lbs, a Daisybox cardboard casket weighs only ~ 7kg / 15Lb , meaning it can be easily handled and placed by one person on a table for friends and family to decorate with dried flowers, photos, coloured markers, pens or water-color paints.  The final creative outcome is up to you. If you choose to decorate away from a funeral home, when you're finished decorating, have your local funeral arranger collect the casket or have it delivered to them. When assembled, a Daisybox cardboard casket measures 200x53x33cm / 79" x 21" x 13" meaning most large cars where the back seats fold forward, will accomodate it.


Download our eco-friendly decorative material selection guide for hand-decorating a Daisybox® here.

Photographic print-wrapped surface

If hand-decorating a Daisybox cardboard casket is too emotional for the family, you may opt for proint-wrapped version. Here, you supply the funeral arranger with digital images that reflect the life of your person, and these are inkjet printed onto self-adhesive polypropylene (pvc-free) film and wrapped on the lid and/or sides of the casket.  Expect to pay approximately $1,200 for a print-wrapped Daisybox, plus artwork costs.

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Daisybox Cardboard Casket
Features & Benefits

  • Reliable triple layer fibreboard walls over 12mm / 1/2"  thick

  • Available in natural kraft or white finish

  • Easy to carry. 6Kg / 14Lb weight

  • Strong - NATA tested to hold up to 240kg / >500Lbs

  • ​Biodegradable and resin-free natural kraft paper

  • Zero PVC content, metal screws or paint lacquers

  • Decorate with marker pens, crayons, pencils, flowers etc. 

  • Biodegradable hessian rope handles

  • Calico cotton inner-liner and pillow (upgrade option)

  • Trusted by hundreds of funeral arrangers and crematorium owners on four continents.

  • Made in Australia, South Africa and USA.

Calico Liner & Pillow

A natural calico cotton liner and pillow is recommended for families who wish to have a final viewing of their person before the final burial or cremation process commences.


Ordering a Daisybox® is easy

If you want to decorate your Daisybox, speak to a local funeral arranger. If they won't sell you one as part of a package, contact us and we'll find one who will honour your last wishes:


Find a Daisybox stockist

Order a plain brown or white Daisybox casket as part of a funeral package.

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Fast, Flat Packed Delivery

Collect your Daisybox flat-packed from your preferred local funeral home if you wish to decorate it prior to a funeral service.

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Decorate It

You have a blank canvas to work with. Decorate as you see fit to pay tribute to your person. 


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