Technical Data

Years of research and development led to two patents issued for Daisybox caskets, incorporating BioBoard design technology.


The below data is shared with funeral directors to allow them to make an informed decision about the technical merits of our caskets.


We welcome any constructive feedback and suggestions to make this data easier to understand. Please send your feedback to

Strength Tests

Daisybox caskets were tested in 2018 in a Brisbane NATA-accredited testing laboratory to carry a minimum of 240kg using rope handles. In addition to this, we loaded up a casket with drums of liquid to independently showcase the strength of the fibreboard and the inability of the rope handles to rip from the fibreboard side walls.


View NATA test via this PDF.

Assembly Videos

Daisybox "Basic" Casket

Flat Packed for Efficient Transport & Easy Storage

Daisybox caskets are shipped in bulk from local licensed corrugated box plants in each country, to our resellers and print partners in that country.


Distributed manufacturing ensures lowest-pricing is achieved in every country we operate in. The process also delivers much lower CO2 emissions due to less mileage traveled by each casket to where it's needed.


Typically, a box plant will ship 33 caskets with rope handles or 26 caskets with ABS handles, flat-packed on a 1200x1000mm (48" x 40") pallet.

DaisyBox Caskets flat packed 33 per pall

Flat Packs of 3 caskets per bundle

33 caskets loaded onto a single pallet

Daisybox Basic "White" caskets for DIY decorating by families prior to services.