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Sydney's Rookwood Cemetery

Here's more information about Rookwood cemetery.


Rookwood Cemetery is Australia's oldest working cemetery. It is managed by Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Manager.

Contact Details / Hours

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm Sat: 9am-1pm (via telephone only) Sun: 9am-3pm (via telephone only)

Where is it?

Rookwood Cemetery is 30 minutes west from Sydney, NSW. The main office is located at Hawthorne Avenue in the north. Download a printable map

Burial Options

Rookwood General Cemetery offers a variety of burial options, including ash interment and cremation.

  • Ash Burial

  • Ash Niche Walls (Outdoor)

  • Ash Niches (Mausoleum)

  • Monumental Burials

  • Lawn Burials

  • Crypts

  • Vaults

Rookwood General Cemetery offers religious and non-denominational services, including:

  • Armenian

  • Assyrian

  • Catholic

  • Chinese

  • Christian

  • Coptic and Syrian

  • Druze

  • Estonian

  • Greek

  • Islamic

  • Jewish

  • Lutheran

  • Macedonian

  • Mandaean

  • Maori

  • Methodist

  • Orthodox

  • Presbyterian

  • Russian

  • Serbian

  • Ukranian


At the time of publication, Rookwood General Cemetery fees and charges are available here.


Rookwood General Cemetery is a beautiful, iconic spot. It offers many venues that will suit your needs and those of your family. The chapel and ceremonial venues can accommodate up to 180 people, providing intimate settings for saying goodbye to a loved one. For memorial services and wakes, there are many options for function venues. Culturally-specific menus can be arranged to suit community needs. Learn more here.

Village Functions at Rookwood

Rookwood Cemetery offers a function centre and on-site caterer for funeral and Memorial services.

Village Functions at Rookwood offer the following venues:

  • Amber - Condolence Room (60pp seated, 120pp standing)

  • Topaz - Condolence Room (60 seated, 150 standing)

  • Sapphire - Condolence Room (120 pax sitting; 300 pax standing).

Village Functions can also cater for events held at Rookwood Cemetery.

Village Flowers at Rookwood

Rookwood Cemetery has an onsite florist who is available 7 days a week, from 7am to 3.30pm.

Village Flowers @ Rookwood are located at the corner Memorial Avenue and Necropolis Drive.

Village Cafe in Rookwood

Rookwood Cemetery offers a cafe on-site with outdoor dining and a playground. It's located inside the Strathfield gates of the cemetery and is open daily from 7-3.30pm.


Rookwood Cemetery, a place steeped in history that reflects the cultural diversity of Sydney's wider area, is a peaceful and captivating place of historical and natural beauty.

Rookwood, which covers an area roughly equal to that of the Sydney CBD's CBD, is the largest southern hemisphere cemetery and the largest Victorian cemetery. It was established in 1867 and is today the final resting place of more than one million people.

Over 2,000 commemorations and interments are performed each year, representing the majority of religious and cultural groups in Sydney.

Rookwood General Cemetery

Rookwood General Cemetery takes care of two-thirds Rookwood Cemetery's area of 190 ha. Rest of the cemetery is managed by the Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust and the Rookwood Memorial Gardens & Crematorium.

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