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Daisybox Engineered Cardboard Caskets

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DaisyBox® está brindando un nuevo cambio a la industria funeraria.

Nuestro equipo tiene la misión global de entregar un millón de ataúdes DaisyBox® asequibles, personalizados para la impresión y ecológicos para familias que celebran vidas bien vividas.

Los ataúdes DaisyBox de diseño patentado se están produciendo a través de asociaciones hiperlocales entre plantas de cajas, fotógrafos, diseñadores gráficos, impresores de gran formato con licencia y organizadores de funerales.

Lea más sobre cómo comenzó DaisyBox y hacia dónde se dirige la marca.

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Daisybox Cardboard Casket
Features & Benefits

  • Reliable triple layer fibreboard walls over 12mm / 1/2"  thick

  • Available in natural kraft or white finish

  • Easy to carry. 6Kg / 14Lb weight

  • Strong - NATA tested to hold up to 240kg / >500Lbs

  • ​Biodegradable and resin-free natural kraft paper

  • Zero PVC content, metal screws or paint lacquers

  • Decorate with marker pens, crayons, pencils, flowers etc. 

  • Biodegradable hessian rope handles

  • Calico cotton inner-liner and pillow (upgrade option)

  • Trusted by hundreds of funeral arrangers and crematorium owners on four continents.

  • Made in Australia, South Africa and USA.

Calico Liner & Pillow

A natural calico cotton liner and pillow is recommended for families who wish to have a final viewing of their person before the final burial or cremation process commences.


Ordering a Daisybox® is easy

If you want to decorate your Daisybox, speak to a local funeral arranger. If they won't sell you one as part of a package, contact us and we'll find one who will honour your last wishes:


Find a Daisybox stockist

Order a plain brown or white Daisybox casket as part of a funeral package.

Daisybox Basic 2022 Flat Packed Cardboard Coffins_edited.jpg

Fast, Flat Packed Delivery

Collect your Daisybox flat-packed from your preferred local funeral home if you wish to decorate it prior to a funeral service.

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Decorate It

You have a blank canvas to work with. Decorate as you see fit to pay tribute to your person. 


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