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Image by Clay Banks

Daisybox® DAO

We're Daisybox® and we're all about changing the way the world says goodbye. Imagine a future where every final farewell is earth-friendly, affordable, digitally-thoughtful and deeply personal. That's why we're building a global DAO — a "distributed asset organisation" using open-source blockchain technology, that's rethinking end-of-life products and services that local communities call for.


Here's What Drives Us:


It's All About Us, Together


We're a community, first and foremost. Everyone member that joins the DAO can play a part and be rewarded. We share ideas, make decisions together, and everyone's voice matters. This isn't just about selling something; it's about creating a movement where everyone feels heard.


Creativity and Diversity Are Our Superpowers


We're all about bringing together people from all walks of life. Whether you're an end-of-life doula, funeral celebrant, estate planner, artist, printer, designer or just someone who cares about our planet, there's a place for you here.


Let's Make a Difference, Together


We're not here to just talk the talk. We're making farewells better — more sustainable, more accessible, and more meaningful. This journey? It's ours to shape, together. And success? It's all about the impact we have on our planet and in our communities, not just the bottom line.


So, what's an Anchor DAO?


Unlike a typical investment DAO (distributed asset organisation), that's focussed on financial returns, an Anchor DAO like Daisybox®, is here to lay down the roots for real change. We're building a foundation for a movement, bringing together people, resources, and ideas around one big goal — to make saying goodbye better for everyone, everywhere.


If you're passionate about making a difference, about leaving the world a little better than you found it, become a Daisybox Ambassador or Supply Chain Partner in our DAO ecosystem. Let's do this together. Because when it comes to changing the way we say final farewells, we're all in.

Register your interest in joining and contributing to the Daisybox® global DAO.

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