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Cardboard Coffins: A Green Farewell at an Affordable Price

Navigating the path of sustainable living, many are now considering eco-friendly options for all aspects of life. This includes making environmentally-conscious choices even at the end of life journey. One such alternative that has been gaining traction globally is the use of cardboard coffins and caskets. A tribute to both the environment and the wallet, let's delve deeper into understanding the realm of cardboard coffins and caskets.

How Much Does a Cardboard Coffin Cost?

The cost of a cardboard coffin can vary based on the design, strength, and size. However, on average, a basic model will cost you somewhere between AU$390 to $2,000. The price escalates when opting for customization options, such as printed artwork and ABS handles. But even at their most expensive, unprinted cardboard coffins are way more cost-effective than their traditional wooden counterparts.

Are Cardboard Coffins Cheaper?

Indeed, they are! Cardboard coffins are typically more affordable than the traditional options made from hard or softwood, metal, or other materials. Despite the affordable price, they don't compromise on the strength or dignity of a final resting place. In fact, this cost-effective solution often includes customizable features, allowing families to create a truly unique, and personal tribute to their loved ones.

Are Cardboard Coffins More Expensive?

As mentioned, the simple answer is no. When comparing cardboard coffins with other burial options, they tend to be much less expensive. Although there are premium options available that can increase the price of a cardboard coffin, these are still usually more affordable than the premium options in traditional materials. The variance in price primarily results from the type of cardboard used, the complexity of the design, and the degree of customization.

Are Cardboard Coffins Available in Australia?

Yes, cardboard coffins are available in Australia. With an increasing emphasis on sustainable practices, many Australian funeral homes now offer cardboard coffins as an eco-friendly alternative. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and towns inbetween, rest assured you'll be able to find providers offering this green burial option.

Cardboard coffins are a testimony to the changing times and evolving perceptions towards the end of life. They embody sustainability, affordability, and personalization in one simple, yet dignified package. It's a choice that benefits not only the environment but also supports families during challenging times by offering a more cost-effective solution.

As we continue to strive for a sustainable future, cardboard coffins are becoming more than just an option—they are a statement of environmental responsibility and thoughtful consideration for our planet.

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