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Transforming Bone Ashes into Treasured Keepsakes: A Heartfelt Homage

Saying farewell to a loved one is a transition, not an end. Daisybox, your trusted wholesaler of eco-friendly cardboard cremation caskets, is here to guide you through memorializing your loved one’s ashes into cherished keepsakes.

Diamonds, epitomizing eternity, can be the most precious way to keep your loved ones close. LifeGem turns ashes or hair into real diamonds available in various cuts and colors. Eterneva shares similarities but adds a personal touch by involving you in the diamond creation process.

Switzerland’s Algordanza excels in crafting high-quality memorial diamonds from ashes, while Lonité specializes in synthetic diamonds. Both ensure your loved one's essence is preserved in a timeless gem.

Heart In Diamond further allows you to create custom diamonds in a spectrum of colors and cuts, a vibrant celebration of the eternal bond you share.

Melodies that Linger: And Vinyly

And Vinyly presses ashes into vinyl records, with customizable audio. A voice, a laughter, or a favorite tune immortalized in a vinyl record can be a soulful keepsake.

Solid Comfort: Parting Stone

Parting Stone’s polished solidified stones made from ashes are tangible keepsakes that offer a comforting presence to hold during reflective moments.

Glass Artistry: Artful Ashes, Spirit Pieces, and Ash Beads

Artful Ashes creates colorful, hand-crafted glass art pieces with ashes, while Spirit Pieces offers glass ornaments and jewelry with ashes woven into the design. Each piece is unique, a glass tapestry of love and memory.

Ash Beads, focusing on detail, creates intricate glass beads infused with ashes, perfect for jewelry or small keepsakes.

Grow a Tree Memorial: The Living Urn

A tree urn is a biodegradable urn or bio urn that grows a tree in combination with ashes or cremated remains. The Living Urn® is the patented tree urn and planting system that makes it easy to transform the ashes of your lost loved one into a living tree memorial to honor your loved and give back to nature.


Daisybox understands that the memory of a loved one is sacred. These keepsake options provide a bridge between hearts, transcending life and death. From eternal diamonds, soulful melodies, solid stones, glass artistry, to growing memorials, each keepsake is a vessel carrying the love and essence of those who have passed on.

The choice of keepsake is deeply personal, resonating with the spirit of the loved one and the bond shared. Daisybox’s cardboard cremation caskets mark the beginning of this journey with respect for the environment.


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