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Daisybox Decorated Cardboard Casket

Image shared by The Last Hurrah Funerals, Melbourne Australia

Celebrating Life Uniquely

Daisybox® cardboard and wicker caskets are trusted by progressive funeral arrangers and families around the world. 

Daisybox is on a mission is to revolutionize the global funeral industry by providing eco-conscious, affordable wicker and engineered cardboard caskets to families through an international network of progressive funeral arrangers.


We strive to alleviate financial burdens while minimising environmental impact in the end-of-life space.

Daisybox Cardboard Coffin
Daisybox White Cardboard Casket
Daisybox Cardboard Caskets with Calico Liner fitted

Cardboard Caskets

Daisybox® corrugated fibreboard caskets are engineered to carry over 240kg.  Decorate them or leave them plain for either an artistic or simple send-off.

These caskets are perfect for both low-emission cremations and natural burials.

Daisybox Wicker Casket
Daisybox White Wicker Casket

Wicker Caskets

Daisybox® wicker caskets incorporate a mix of rattan cane and dried and woven pandanus leaves and coir. This makes them ideal for both eco-cremation or natural burials.

MDF made from resin bonded wood fibres and used in most traditional caskets, was never designed to be buried or cremated.


Daisybox Favicon 2

Unveiling Beauty in Sustainability

"I had that for my Husband last September and everybody wrote their little messages on it. It was lovely."

- Sandra

Daisybox Favicon 1

Crafting Moments of Comfort

We understand that every farewell is a moment of both sorrow and sometimes, celebration. Creatively designed Daisybox caskets are meant to bring comfort and warmth during these times, serving as a meaningful tribute to the lives we cherish.  To obtain a price from your local stockists, please complete this 3 minute form.

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