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Image by Marek Piwnicki

At Daisybox®, we understand the profound challenge of loss. That's why we're reimagining farewells, offering compassionate alternatives to traditional goodbyes. Join us in embracing a more personal, affordable and sustainable way to honor life's final moments. 

Celebrating Life Uniquely

Daisybox® funeral caskets are trusted by funeral arrangers and families around the world. 

Daisybox is on a mission is to revolutionize the global funeral industry by providing eco-conscious, affordable solutions to families worldwide.


We strive to alleviate financial burdens while minimising environmental impact through locally-produced, sustainable cardboard caskets.

If a cardboard casket is not for you, we also design and export natural wicker caskets in a manufacturing partnership with a local village business in Java.



Daisybox caskets are made from biodegradable organic materials.
We don't believe caskets should be made from resin-bonded wood-fibres or metal with chrome plastic handles.

Daisybox Basic with Hessian Handles_edited.png
Daisybox white with hessian handles_edited_edited.png
Daisybox Calico options.png

Cardboard Caskets

Daisybox® cardboard caskets were tested in 2018 in a Brisbane-based NATA-accredited testing laboratory to carry a minimum of 240kg.

Engineered cardboard is incredibly strong! 

DBOX - RTT01 - NAT - MED_edited.png
Daisybox Wicker White 1080x1080_edited.p

Wicker Caskets

Daisybox® wicker caskets incorporate a mix of organic rattan cane, coconut husk (coir rope) and dried pandanus leaves. 



Unveiling Beauty in Sustainability

"I had that for my Husband last September and everybody wrote their little messages on it. It was lovely."

- Sandra


Crafting Moments of Comfort

We understand that every farewell is a moment of both sorrow and sometimes, celebration. Creatively designed Daisybox caskets are meant to bring comfort and warmth during these times, serving as a meaningful tribute to the lives we cherish.

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