Decorating a Daisybox® helps bring closure for family and friends grieving the loss of a loved one.


Environmentally-Responsible & Affordable

Daisybox®️ is considered by many as the most affordable, earth-friendly, decorative-ready cremation and burial casket for sending off a loved one.


When choosing a Daisybox made in a town near you, you’ll be celebrating the life of a departed loved one in the most personalised and dignified way. You or your family and friends can DIY decorate or have a favourite image printed or painted all over a Daisybox, as a last visual and conversation starter for all to appreciate a life well-lived. The final creative outcome is totally up to you, with a growing global network of artists, printers and funeral arrangers ready to embrace your bespoke design requirements. 


If a personalized service is not what you're looking for, then an unattended, low-cost direct-cremation, followed by a memorial service or gathering is also commonly practiced with a Daisybox "Basic" casket. 
The fact there is now an alternative to an expensive metal, timber or engineered wood coffin or casket, is a much-requested reality. 

Our team is building an international network of funeral arrangers who're delighted to offer a low-cost Daisybox as part of a tailored funeral service. There is no time like the present to ensure that client families have a wide option of choices than the traditional means.  Funeral arrangers who embrace Daisybox®️ are both innovative and observant to the changing nature of client families.


Thousands have already joined us in saying Daisybox is simply a better "way to go.” 

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Daisybox Options

Launching May 2021

Daisybox "Basic"

  • Strong corrugated fibreboard construction

  • ​Biodegradable and resin-free

  • Ultra-lightweight

  • Cotton rope handles

  • DIY decorate with multiple material options

  • Min 240kg weight-bearing

  • Trusted and sold worldwide since 2017

  • Available from progressive funeral arrangers.

    AU$295 / US$195

Daisybox "Signature Series"

  • Strong corrugated fibreboard construction

  • ​Biodegradable and resin-free

  • Ultra-lightweight

  • Cotton rope handles

  • Calico cotton liner (Upgrade option)

  • Full-height kraft white lid for themed direct -printing or DIY decorate with multiple materials.

  • Order a virtual 3D design today.


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Image by Kristine Cinate

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