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Saying a final goodbye in a 
® shows respect
from the deceased,
for the living. 

Daisybox® caskets have taken on a special meaning for grieving families and for those in their final days. No other casket can become such an integral part of the memorial service.

While expensive timber caskets with gold handles stand out, they serve no purpose other than to make the living feel good. They're too often misrepresented as a "sign of respect", from the living for the dearly departed.

A Daisybox® changes the dynamic at a funeral or memorial service. By allowing family or friends to decorate the casket, with writing, drawings, poems or pictures, they become an eternal testimony to a life that was loved and cherished.

A Daisybox® chosen before a death has occured in the family, becomes a final sign of respect from the deceased, for their living family and friends.

Imagine sitting in a service, looking at a Daisybox® covered in beautiful Goodby Daisies & a floral arrangement. You don’t see a casket, you see heartfelt final goodbyes that can’t be reproduced in any other way. 

What a moment. What a gift. A gift to the family from the departed.


That’s what a Daisybox® does.


Keep it simple

Family and/or friends can say goodbye to a loved one in a Daisbox® cardboard casket in one of many ways:


  1. DIY Decorate

    Take in a flat-packed, uber-light Daisybox® Basic casket and DIY decorate the natural kraft fibreboard surface at a funeral home, at home or in a community hall in the weeks or days leading up to a funeral. Decorate with dried flowers, photos, colored markers, pens or water-color paints to create poetry or unique artwork that's a conversation-starter at a funeral service. The final creative outcome is totally up to you. Download an eco-friendly decorative material selection guide for DIY-decorating here.


  2. Fabric "Legacy Wrap"

    Find a local sewist to take pre-printed cotton fabric and sew it into a Legacy Wrap that fits over the whole casket. Floral and nature patterns, as opposed to photo images, are commonly chosen. Think Sunflowers, roses, daisys, lillies, natural products and even dogs and cats, prints all sourced from surface pattern designers or stockists of pre-printed natural cotton rolls.


  3. "Basic" Series

    A direct-cremation with no family members present at the time of the cremation, followed by a memorial service or gathering is also commonly practiced with an undecorated Daisybox® "Basic" casket. This is the most affordable service type offered.


​We're building a global network of water-colour artists, wide-format printers, surface pattern designers, sewists, end-of-life doulas and funeral arrangers all ready to assist you in your end-of-life planning.


Daisybox® Models

"Basic" DIY Decorate Series

  • Leave in natural kraft finish or decorate with pens, crayons, markers and more. Download decoration options here

  • Strong corrugated fibreboard construction

  • ​Biodegradable and resin-free fibreboard

  • 6Kg total casket weight

  • Cotton rope handles

  • Calico cotton inner-liner (upgrade option)

  • >240kg weight-bearing. NATA tested design.

  • Trusted by hundreds of funeral arrangers and crematorium owners

  • Made in Australia, South Africa and the USA

Thanks to The Last Hurrah Funerals and Tender Funerals for the above images.

Daisybox DIY Decoration
Daisybox Cardboard Caskets

Community Coffin Club Tasmania. Hand-painted Daisybox.

Daisybox Cardboard Caskets

Community Coffin Club Tasmania. Hand painted Daisybox

Daisybox from The Last Hurrah Funerals

Last Hurrah Funerals. DIY Decorated Daisybox


Last Hurrah Funerals. Simple Daisybox Basic with floral spray.


Daisybox from The Last Hurrah Funerals in Melbourne, Australia


Daisybox from The Last Hurrah Funerals in Melbourne, Australia

Daisybox Cardboard Coffin

Daisybox Basic Kraft. Ready for burial or cremation.

Calico Liner

A cotton liner is preferred by some families who wish to have a final viewing before the burial or cremation process. 

Daisybox Calico Liner copy.png

"Goodbye Daisies" paper flowers allow attendees to write any goodbye message to a departed loved one at a funeral service.

Each box contains 50 die-cut flowers sized 180x180mm.


For an additional cost, a photo of your loved one may be directly printed on each flower as a keepsake for friends and family.


Talk to your local funeral arranger about packaging these with your casket.