Daisybox® is the best value, eco-friendly cardboard casket that lets you "say something" at a funeral.


 Best-selling cardboard caskets, trusted and used by hundreds of progressive funeral arrangers.

Embrace lives lost with Daisybox® as a way to save costs, save the environment and to start meaningful conversations at a funeral service or pre-service wake.


One of the biggest expenses of a funeral is the coffin. Daisybox® changes that.

Strong and lightweight, triple-walled Daisybox® caskets are perfect for surface decoration - whether that’s writing poems, arranging flowers, attaching photos, digital printing, drawing with crayons or markers or painting glorious images in poster paints. Trusted by funeral arrangers and crematorium owners across multiple countries.

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Honour a life well-lived with decorations that start happy conversations

Lifelong memories are expressed and precious, personal memories are created. Think of this decoration event as a pre-service wake. This isn't possible with an expensive, heavy and ornate-looking wood or metal casket, that needs four people to carry. Most families choose to decorate their Daisybox in the days or weeks leading up to a simple but meaningful funeral service.

You can choose to DIY decorate or have a digital image printed and wrapped over part or all of your Daisybox.

You're in control.


Biodegradable and resin-free natural fibreboard

MDF and particleboard caskets are heavy to carry and contain toxic resins that bind their wood fibres.


A Daisybox® contains no added formaldehyde.

  • Reliable triple layer fibreboard walls over 12mm or half inch thick

  • Strong - NATA rated to hold 240Kg. (NB you won't fit more than a 120kg person in an adult-sized Daisybox)

  • Hessian rope handles

  • Zero ABS plastic or PVC.

Ordering a Daisybox® is easy and stress-free

If you want to decorate your Daisybox, speak to a local funeral arranger. See out stockists map below.


Find a Daisybox stockist on our global map.

Order either a "Basic" Series for DIY decoration, or a "Signature" Series for digital printing by a local Daisybox print partner.

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Fast, Flat Packed Delivery

Collect your Daisybox flat-packed from your preferred local funeral home.

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Decorate It before the Funeral Service

You have a blank canvas to work with. Decorate as you see fit to pay tribute to your person. Or, opt for a direct cremation with no funeral service and have a memorial service at a later date.

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Find a Daisybox Stockist

Scroll the map below to see if there's a Daisybox stockist near you. If you can't locate one, email stockists@daisybox.io​ and we'll get back to you with a solution.